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The Thirteen Days of Halloween: BONUS CHAPTER- Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden took an axe,

And gave her mother forty whacks,

When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one…

When I was a kid, we used to sing that at each other. It was an urban legend, like the story about the serial killer who licked hands, or Emily and her homicidal doll. We used it to terrify each other, singing and whispering the story. 

Elizabeth Borden did exist. Her parents were killed with an axe. But the story is much more gruesome than those sing-songed whispers of giggling children. Lizzie’s father and mother were found, skulls smashed in, dead in their home. The rhyme says the smashings were in the 40’s, they were actually only in the teens. Still, the bashed skulls were pretty brutal. Her father’s eye had been split right in half.

But what could cause a girl to kill her parents in such a disturbing way. People said that Lizzie did not get along well with her step-mother, for starters. But there was also the incident with the pigeons. Lizzie kept pigeons as pets, in the loft of the family barn. One day she went upstairs to feed them and they’d all been beheaded. Her father told her they’d been attracting neighborhood boys so he’d killed them…with an axe. Lizzie was known for being friendly and social, despite her being long past marriageable age. Her father wasn’t particularly well-liked, and the whole family was somewhat odd, but everyone knows someone, right? After the murders, people began to notice how oddities added up. How Lizzie had recently tried to buy poison at the Apothecary…how she had burned a dress only a few days after the murder, saying it had “paint stains”…odd, little things.

Who knows what really made Lizzie snap? Or if it was her at all? No one is sure…but just remember: you never know who has it in them.

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